Housing Fire Safety Policies

Emory Housing Facilities maintain policies and rules pertaining to fire safety. A description of the institution’s policies or rules related to the use of portable electrical appliances and smoking in housing facilities is available at the following locations:

Emory Housing

Emory University Campus: https://housing.emory.edu/policies/rules/index.html#faq12 

Emory University-Oxford Campus: https://inside.oxford.emory.edu/life-at-oxford/housing/current-policies/res-policies/guide-to-housing-2017-2018pdf/

Tobacco Free Environment
Emory University recognizes the serious health implications of both direct use of tobacco products and indirect exposure to the use of tobacco products. In order to create an atmosphere that is consistent with Emory’s mission and commitment to improve the health and wellness of members of the Emory community, Emory University and Emory Healthcare (collectively “Emory”) prohibit the use or sale of tobacco products in or on Emory owned or Emory leased property effective January 1, 2012. Additional details are available by reviewing the Emory University Tobacco Free Environment Policy, Policy 4.113, which may be found at http://policies.emory.edu/4.113.