Policy Encouraging the Reporting of Crimes

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Emory Policy 4.68, Thefts and Other Criminal Incidents, states that “All thefts of university property, thefts of property of individuals who are members of the university community, and all other criminal incidents should be immediately reported to the Emory Police Department for investigation.” EPD will conduct an appropriate investigation (or refer the incident to the appropriate law enforcement agency with jurisdiction) and will assist the victim in making an informed decision regarding possible criminal prosecution. A decision on whether criminal prosecution is appropriate for a theft or other criminal act is independent of any determination regarding (1) employee/individual misconduct for purposes of possible employment or administrative action, or (2) student misconduct for purposes of a student conduct matter.

If either (1) the victim of a theft or other criminal incident taking place at Emory or involving Emory property or (2) an individual aware of such a crime, elects not to or is unable to make a report to the Emory Police Department, members of the Emory community with knowledge of the incident are encouraged to make an accurate and prompt report of the crime to the Emory Police Department.

These procedures are detailed in the Emory University Human Resources Policy 4.68 (Thefts and Other Criminal Incidents) located at http://policies.emory.edu/4.68.